KOGAMA: Ghost House

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KOGAMA: Ghost House

1. My client gave me the task of putting an end to the haunted house of an isolated island. 2. A helicopter brought me and my car to this island. 3. I drove along the road until I arrived at the house. 4. I parked my car next to the garage. In the garage, I found the key that opened the closed door of the house, just as my client said. 5. I found a map where a place was marked, 3 notes from a failed detective who gave me information about the case, and a closed chest. 6. I followed the marking of the map. The map took me to a cave. 7. In this cave, I had to cross 4 levels that bring me to 4 chains. 8. I cut these chains, so that the blocks fell down and opened the way to the key. 9. With the key I could open the chest in the house. There was a shovel and another map. 10. At the same time the ghost girl appeared behind me. I just saw her back, then she turned to me. She had no face and disappeared into flames. 11. Through her disappear and the text of the failed detective, I knew what to do. I should burn her remains. 12. I looked at the map. The map marks the top of the mountain. 13. But first I took the shovel from the chest and dug the grave. 14. I took the ax out of the garage with which I cut a tree. 15. And with the wood I built a ramp, so I could jump with the car to the mountain. 16. I took the map out of the chest and jumped with the car to the mountain. 17. After I climbed the mountain, I got the item that should break the curse of the ghost girl. 18. I put the item into the grave. It started to burn. 19. At the same time the ghost girl appeared without a face. She came closer with a nasty smile. And even closer. She slowly dissolved as I burnt her remains. When she had almost completely disappeared I could see her face and then she smiled. I think she came to herself and was glad I saved her. 20. The helicopter came to pick me up. I climbed the rope and we flew back to KoGaMa. The case is closed.


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